British Foreign secretary in Russia to discuss Ukraine, Russian foreign Minister says talks were disappointing

2022-05-28 0 By

The russia-Ukraine border situation has yet to ease. A number of Western officials have recently visited Russia.British Foreign Secretary Mark Truss met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during his visit to Moscow on February 10.According to the BBC and RT on February 10, Truss said Lavrov told her that Russia was not planning an “invasion of Ukraine,” but she said “we need to see these words followed by actions.””We need to see [Russian] troops and weapons on the Ukrainian border move elsewhere.”Mr. Lavrov said Russia was not trying to “intimidate or threaten anyone,” but that it was Russia that was threatened.He added that the talks were “disappointing”, like “deaf people talking to blind people”, with “no one listening to each other and unfortunately our efforts to explain our position were not heard”.According to TASS news Agency on the same day, Lavrov also said in the talks on the same day, Russia-Uk relations have fallen to a multi-year low.He hoped that the two governments would successfully resume bilateral cooperation mechanisms.Russian and British defense ministers will meet in Moscow on February 11.Responsible Editor: Yan Songyang Photo editor: Hu Mengsaitama proofread: Liu Wei