When aliens appear, will people know?

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Many people believe in Ufos, believe that there are aliens, and believe that aliens have visited the Earth.So, are there aliens?When aliens appear, will people know?In the last century, many scholars did not believe in the existence of aliens.Perhaps for political reasons, a lot of speculation and observation records about aliens have been hidden, so people don’t believe in aliens.After all, the existence of aliens has little or no impact on People’s Daily lives, and is merely a matter of conversation over dinner. Who cares?Although area 51 is dedicated to the study of aliens, many people still believe that aliens do not exist, and perhaps, at that time, our probes will not be able to reach the moon or Mars.By this century, many scientists were convinced of the existence of aliens, both in terms of the chances of life forming in the universe and in terms of evidence of alien spacecraft visiting Earth.However, the governments of various countries do not say, but also to this kind of matter is very secretive.Why does this happen?Because aliens would transcend politics and not even be a good thing for earth.Politicians can control their citizens, but they can’t control aliens, and they certainly can’t control alien spacecraft.In other words, if aliens can reach Earth, they must have a much more advanced civilization than Earth, probably a vanguard of alien colonists, or alien explorers, like Columbus discovered the New World.The aliens’ discovery of Earth was not necessarily a good thing. They could have come to colonize, or they could have been fugitives.After a spacecraft crash, no matter which country it landed in, the military would immediately seal off the scene and suppress the news that it was a satellite or crashed plane, not some alien flying saucer.Even after a meteorite falls, the military is the first to withhold information.It will only release some censored pictures and videos, but what happened to the meteorite, whether it contains the code of life, whether there is alien information and so on, will not be displayed.In other words, politics will interfere with the alien information.The images of flying saucers and aliens seen circulating are mostly censored and published without causing a stir or giving people any real information about the aliens.Moreover, after observing space, many national space agencies have discovered some secrets of outer planets and even discovered aliens, but they do not publicize them to the public. Instead, they only publish some irrelevant pictures and videos, making people like clouds and fog, and do not know what information about outer space.Is it just to keep it secret?Of course not.Every country has its own space observation technology and has the right to keep it secret. This is justified, but secrecy does not mean inaction, but monopoly of advanced equipment, technology and talent.After the monopoly, you can have the ability to talk to aliens, and even can learn from aliens’ advanced technology, for our use, but also can study the flying saucer instantly disappear flight secret, of course, also have the ability to interstellar, can be invincible in the world.What country is willing to make public the lure of such interests?And the exploration of outer space has always been a dream and a way to acquire great resources.In addition to the earth can not survive, you can escape from the earth by spacecraft, is to drive the spacecraft through the stars, visit the planets, to take the resources of the planets, and even dominate the planets, dominate the solar system and the Milky Way.Obtaining alien equipment and technology is the first step, and finding aliens is the prerequisite for acquiring alien equipment and technology.Even if there is an alien spacecraft falling to earth, the military will not tell the truth to the public, of course, they will only say some planes falling, satellite debris falling, etc., but will not say the real situation.After all, the discovery of aliens hides a vast plan for resource exploration, the secret to world domination and, of course, the possible destruction of the human race.Whoever holds these secrets can lead the trend of science and technology in the world and become the person with the most advanced technology, as well as the first person in interstellar exploration and the acquisition of interstellar resources.The truth is, it’s often not just one person, it’s the military on behalf of a country, and studying aliens on a national level is basically a pretty big achievement.If only one person can do research, it will be impossible to do it. Even if information about aliens cannot be kept secret, how can we do research with peace of mind?From this perspective, about aliens appeared, a lot of information is false, especially the information released by the national news is false, even a country thinks he mastered the information of aliens, and openly to the world announced the alien study of so-called secret files, is also be served after the audit.Who’s going to release the archives of alien research with its huge hidden resources?It’s just a cover-up.Aliens may be real and not far from us, but many people do not want to admit it, and many countries are trying to cover up the fact that aliens are there, of course, there are interests at work.