Poland: US can send warplanes to Ukraine, but I can’t send them directly

2022-06-05 0 By

Inspired by the United States, Ukraine persisted in a confrontation with Russia that led to Russian military action against Ukraine.The United States continues to intervene in Russia and Ukraine, causing chaos in Europe.The United States and Europe have been reluctant to send troops directly to Ukraine to help the government fight, and the arms aid has not stopped. But when it comes to providing arms to Ukraine, European countries are trying to distance themselves from a serious conflict with Russia.Poland, for example, offered to send Polish fighter jets to German bases for the United States to send to Ukraine, while refusing to allow Ukraine to use Polish airfields or provide fighter jets to Ukraine.Hungary was unequivocal and, after Poland, another NATO member.Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has signed a decree stipulating that weapons sent to Ukraine by other countries are not allowed to pass through his country.Analysts point out that the emergence of these phenomena shows that NATO is not monolithic, when it comes to vital interests, cannot guarantee that every country will be on the same side of the United States.European countries are facing a serious energy crisis, and Russia is an important supplier to the global energy market. They can’t afford to cut off energy supplies to Europe because of Russia’s deep involvement in Ukraine.Russia has ordered strategic nuclear forces into combat readiness, and the energy industry is one of the economic pillars of Russia. If western countries push Russia into a corner, It will lead to a more serious crisis for Russia’s survival, and it is difficult to ensure that Russia does not take further actions.In addition, Germany does not support us sanctions against Russia in the energy industry, because Germany is also very dependent on Russian energy, otherwise it would not build nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project with Russia.The SANCTIONS imposed by the United States on Russia in the energy industry will hurt the Russian economy, affect the Economy of Europe, and even cause social instability in Europe. Therefore, it is a pipe dream for the United States to build a grand coalition to attack Russia.In addition, Ukraine is not a member of NATO or the European Union, which also makes it impossible for European countries to comprehensively offend Russia because of Ukraine. It is appropriate to take some actions and put off the United States.But what is surprising is that now European countries have begun to recognize the true face of the United States and no longer follow the lead of the United States, but Japan in Asia has jumped out.Not only is the constitution amended to facilitate the supply of arms to Ukraine, but it is also working with the United States to impose sanctions on Russia.After World War II, Japan, constrained by its pacifist constitution, has not been able to restore militarism, but the lingering poison of Japanese militarism has never been removed, and it would like to sprout at every opportunity.If Japan fails to learn the lessons of history and reverts to militarism again, the consequences will be very serious.Part of the reference information source: Defense Times