The middle-aged woman was swindled out of 16,000 yuan and found the suspect had already been caught when she called the police

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Extreme news reporter Gao Wei Correspondent Zheng Xuan Bi Jing “Police caught me so quickly?!”In Hubei Shishou Bijia Mountain police station, shandong man Liu slumped head can not understand, he just through the “killing pig plate” cheat 16,000 yuan, the victim of the woman did not wake up he was arrested by the police.At noon on March 14, Shishou City public Security Bureau Bijia Mountain police station received important information, shandong Zibo police online pursued fraud suspect Liu (35 years old) appeared near the area of the city square.Police Hu Guang immediately led the team to the scene of investigation, found no trace of Liu.Careful police did not give up, through the investigation, 6 p.m. finally found Liu in a small hotel.Looking at the police suddenly appeared, Liu silly like open mouth, repeatedly praised, “impossible, not so fast, incredible?”After the interrogation, Liu confessed two years ago in Shandong swindling others 160,000 yuan has been on the run after the criminal facts.After account, Liu mou then close mouth, refuse to open.Just then, middle-aged woman Zhang Ying (pseudonym) rushed to bijia Mountain police station to report to the police that she had been swindled 16,000 yuan by a man an hour earlier through wechat.Police inquiry learned that Some time ago, Zhang Ying met a foreign accent claiming to be “General Liu” man, was attracted by his tall body and the appearance of a talented person, add wechat to each other.After they met for a while, Liu offered to help her download a money-making game. Zhang ying was so captivated by the man that she downloaded and recharged 5,000 yuan.On March 14, Zhang Ying urgently needed money turnover to find Liu to help its operation on the mobile phone, such as Liu left in a hurry, she found herself without more than 16000 yuan net loan.At first, Zhang ying did not think about Liu at all, but then she could not contact Him and hurried to bijia Mountain police station to report the incident.Police according to the clues provided by Zhang Ying, analysis perpetrators are likely to be Liu.After identification, Zhang Ying identified Liu mou is the so-called “Liu general”.In front of the evidence, Liu had to confess, while he helped Zhang Ying transfer her attention, opened alipay online loan, through face recognition verification to borrow 16000 yuan, and immediately scan the code to transfer money, and then returned the phone to her after leaving.At present, criminal suspect Liu mou has been taken compulsory measures, the case is still in deep digging.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.24-hour information hotline 027-86777777.